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Yoga is another way to help you through your wellness journey which has lots of health benefits. It offers physical and metal benefits for people of all ages and could aid your recovery after a surgery, going through an illness or even living with a chronic condition.

Our yoga therapist has many years of experience within wellness industry and have dedicated many years of their lives to master the yoga style they teach.

We provide a range of ways you can enjoy yoga with us which makes it easier for you to be part of any sessions.

We have implemented 5 ways you can book your sessions with us.

- Group Classes 

- Virtual ( online )

- Private yoga sessions small groups of up to 6 or 1 - 1 sessions

- Wellness Events

- Retreats 

Here is a list of Yoga Classes we are currently covering within our Mare Street Studio and Virtually alongside our yoga instructors. Please click on the yoga techniques to read more about the yoga style, the instructors and to book your classes.




HATHA 'Breathwork" YOGA with Aimee Warren 

KUNDALINI YOGA with Emilia Bataniuc

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