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Welcome to Sweet Tee's Wellness and Beauty, where our dedication to transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories is at the heart of our Special Events sector. At Sweet Tee's, we thrive on the passion for celebrating life's precious moments, and our carefully curated selection of special occasion packages is crafted to ensure you savor every milestone. Whether you're immersed in the romance of Valentine's Day, expressing heartfelt gratitude on Mother's Day, or commemorating any significant event, our Special Events sector stands as the ultimate destination for securing amazing deals that will elevate your experiences.


Stay captivated as our Special Events unfold with regularly updated, limited-time-only, one-of-a-kind offerings. We are committed to introducing new and exciting packages that add a touch of magic to your celebratory experiences. It's an ever-evolving space where you can discover unique opportunities to make your special occasions truly exceptional.


Our Special Events Sector is not just a category; it's your destination for crafting moments that linger in your memory. We invite you to explore and book your extraordinary experiences today, setting the stage for unforgettable celebrations. The festivities await at Sweet Tee's Wellness and Beauty – where every occasion is transformed into a spectacular affair. Let the celebrations commence!

Terms and Conditions  

**Terms and Conditions for Valentine's Special at Sweet Tee’s Wellness & Beauty**


1. **Gift Card Policy**: The gift card provided by Sweet Tee’s Wellness & Beauty cannot be exchanged for cash or any other cash value services or items at our establishment. It should be used for its intended purpose at the specified retailer/restaurant, and you agree to adhere to their terms and conditions when using their gift card.


2. **Validity Period**: The Valentine's Day deal is valid from 7th to 14th February 2024, but bookings can be made up until 21st February 2024.


3. **Gift Card Usage**: Gift cards are not affiliated with our establishment. Any issues regarding the gift cards should be addressed with the respective retailer or restaurant.


4. **Package Pricing**: Prices are fixed and cannot be reduced for any unused portion of the package.


5. **Location Restriction**: This offer is valid exclusively at our Hackney Branch.


6. **Appointment Protocol**: Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete necessary paperwork.


7. **Service Duration**: Sessions might extend slightly beyond scheduled times, but we assure that your experience will not be compromised.


8. **Age Requirement**: This special is available for individuals aged 18 and over only.


9. **Booking and Availability**: Booking is subject to availability, and we recommend early reservations to secure your preferred date.


10. **Therapist Assignment**: You will be assigned a male or female therapist based on our work schedule. If you have a specific preference, please mention it at the time of booking.


11. **Operational Hours**: This offer is only valid within our standard opening hours.


*By booking our Valentine's Special, you agree to these terms and conditions.*

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